I woke in Gardiner, MT, had breakfast at the kitchen table with the inn keeper and other guests. We talked about the elk from the night before and the bear that had been in Gardiner early that morning. Only the inn keeper had been up early enough to see him. Then I headed out into the park. Due to some construction and a washed out road I had to change my route. Mammoth Falls was as beautiful as the postcards and The Norris Geyser Basin was amazing and worth the extra time. It was like standing on the bowels of the earth (and she really needs some Pepcid). I drove along the north of the park and saw lots of animals (no bears or wolves of course). Hundreds of bison were calving very near the road, which was a real treat. Because I left the park in a different part of Wyoming than I had intended, I spent hours in the switchbacks and hairpins of the Shoshone National Forest. I dug some gorgeous red clay just before Cody. Ultimately, I didn’t make it all the way to Mt. Rushmore for the night so…greetings from Gillette WY.




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