I woke up in Fairmont, Minnesota, still 2 hours behind schedule. It was a slog of a day. Increasing traffic and still 80mph in many parts. I stopped for clay a few times but there was no easy access. Places were becoming more built up and it got harder, so no clay on Day 6. I did stop along the Mississippi river briefly, but no luck for clay. The highlight of the day was the Piggly Wiggly in Wisconsin. I described Wisconsin to my husband as a “mayonaisse salad based culture” because of the deli choices. That being said, my Aunt Em’s potato salad was heaven. I also got some chocolate cheese but have not tried it yet. I rolled into Chicago, white-knuckled, around 7:30. The sunset was making the brick buildings glow warm. I found myself in an unusually nice part of town for the night-The Riverwalk area, on the river, very near Lake Michigan. Thanks for that, Hotels.com. Still, not much to do here. The museum doesn’t open until 10:30 and I need to leave around then. This is the second time I’ve attempted to go to the SAIC Museum and missed it! I’ll come back some time, probably on a plane so I don’t have to drive in that mess again, and I will see that museum! I’m only 3 hours away from family time! Looking forward to that.





2 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. Welcome to the joys of Chicago! There were several reasons why we moved West in ’75 but traffic was one of them. PS John was born in Arlington Heights and some of Jim’s family has lived 100 miles West of Chicago since the early 1800’s.


    1. I was in DeKalb with you all for the memorial service some years back. I was definitely thinking about them as I was heading out.


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