Of course I am getting lots of work done, but I am working alone most of the time. Many of my studio mates are recent graduates and summer feels like vacation time still. I do go a bit stir crazy here in the boonies. I take meals by myself, work by myself in the studio and on some days, don’t speak to another person. Here are a few shots from the studio:


funny that I should be so quietly working on a piece covered with mouths and another project of 1000 mouths (hitting the 500 mark today).


The pile on the head of this sculpture is the trimmed pieces from the one above. I am thinking about the past. The past is present. Always with us. Somewhere there is a Mark Twain quote about southerners being haunted by the past. This whole place reminds me of a quote I have forgotten. Familiar, heavy and thoughtful- but I can’t quite grasp it.

I did have a lovely visit from an old friend (and a new one) the other day, which made for really nice break in the solitude. I am also taking frequent weekend excursions to visit family and I feel these visits are surely informing the work I make. There was one particular visit last weekend that really sticks out in my mind. Those who have known me since 2006 may remember that I made an installation called “Love In the Wild” at Blackfish Gallery. Not to toot any horns, but here was a nice piece written about the show, describing it in great detail.

The show and performance was based on dream and memory images. Sometimes I wasn’t sure which was which but I got some clarification at my Uncle Billy’s house on the eastern shore of Maryland.


Love In the Wild Performance, 2006



yes, that is the deer’s butt. When I was a kid, the deer was mounted on either side of the wall between the dining and living rooms of Uncle Billy’s house. It appeared to be jumping through. An early inspiration to an installation artist, for sure. He told me that the deer actually had blue eyes but that only red were available for the taxidermy. White animals with blue or red eyes, and the implications of these features, figured prominently in my work for some time.


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