I surpassed the 800th mouth last week. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Go back to this post for some vague answers.

That project aside, I’ve been working on a group of sculptures which I am calling “History Lessons”. More pictures to come of them but, I don’t want to give them away at this fragile state. There is a good chance that they all will fail before the end, some have already failed.  I have some Jenga-style building habits when it comes to these sculptures. It’s not new to my repertoire but it’s one of those images that repeats and gets stronger over time.

Early last week, I had the honor of meeting former Cub Creek residents Mitch Iburg and Zoe Powell -kind and warm, as I have found most potters to be.

There is plenty of work to do around Cub Creek and I am glad to be able to lend a hand. I looked forward to wood cutting and I got my first taste this week. I got to help (only a little) to bring down a 2 foot diameter oak tree from the property. In the coming weeks we’ll be transforming that tree into tasty little fire wood sticks to feed the “Johnagama” kiln in August. While I was the third person on a two chainsaw job, I did learn to drive the tractor that day.


The learning is happening so organically that I barely notice. There are so many new things every day and pieces are starting to fall into place. As I head into the next week, I’ll be figuring out how to efficiently glaze fire 1000 mouth cookies, mixing up my cross country clay bodies and coming to a final decision about what that precious and limited material will become. This is the scariest part for me so far because I’ve placed so much of this project’s value on the work that comes from that material. I’ve been driving to visit family in Fredericksburg overnight, each weekend. Tomorrow, as I head back to Cub Creek, down several hours of beautiful country road, I’m really hoping for the “aha” moment about this work because there is no time to lose before I start.


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