So I hit 1000 mouth impressions at 11pm last night and celebrated with a shot of Jameson and a rendition of the Proclaimers “500 Miles” with my own words (take a minute to sound it out). It felt like a lot of work and I celebrated.


1000 is a big number, and a small number. I portioned 1000 balls of clay, made 1000 impressions, stamped the back with numbers, made 1000 supporting racks to fire the mouths on. I’ll glaze all 1000 with different glazes, the individual traits which I will record. Finally I will fit 1000 hooks to the backsides of the mouths and hang them for the installation. I recall the Women’s March in Portland. It was 100x this many mouths. The corresponding march in Washington DC was approximated at about 1 million. The Million Man March has been estimated around 700,000 or more. Numbers of refugees worldwide, Arab Spring protesters and the victims of the Holocaust also come to mind. The number of humans on the earth-1000 is really a very small number to contemplate.

I’m really starting to enjoy my time in Virginia. History surrounds me here, good and bad, from civil war battles to the pretty recent developments like my nieces and nephews. I think often about the people who were here and what they did, across the span of time. These are weird thoughts to have swirled around in my head with my own short and not so bad history. Here are some pictures of my landscape and some of the work that it is inspiring.







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