The two most extreme conditions of my summer plans are suddenly coinciding and I wish there were two of me so that I could fully experience both.

In Fredericksburg, my solo exhibit of gas fired sculptures, vessels and a 1000 piece installation is having an opening reception on Friday August 4th…that’s tomorrow! The popular First Friday event has music, a free gallery trolley, nibbles and my friends and family. I also have a piece in another show just a street over at Ponshop. I’m glad that I can participate in a group show at this gallery because  I especially like the place and the work they do. I have been having such a wonderful time including my family in the work I make from beginning to end.  Look for my late mentors stunning Zuni bracelet when I post the opening pictures.


Top: Finished “Pressed and Tested” Installation, Middle: Installing with my siblings <3, Bottom: finishing a piece in mom’s fire pit.

Meanwhile, in Appomattox, the beastly Nobirigama is stirring to life with the work of around ten artists sealed inside. One chamber will receive salt while the “tube” will produce a variety of results depending on how close the pot is to the wood fire and the paths of the flames throughout the kiln. It took two hard days and many people to load the kiln (and we are not even firing it to it’s full 3-chambered capacity). We sealed the second door today and the temperature will hold under 200 degrees or “candle” overnight. On Friday, as I nibble cheese and try to answer questions from curious art lovers, the pots will be slowly getting hotter. Fellow residents will be taking shifts around the clock and adding wood to a fire inside of the kiln. This will go on for 4 days and I’ll get several shifts, myself.


Notice how every pot is sitting up on little balls of clay? Them’s wads.



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