I’m a bit tired. I think these photos will show why. These two events were happening simultaneously, with a 3 hour drive between them. The opening was so worthwhile. The presence of friends and family was something I never would have thought possible a few years ago. Discussing a piece of my art with my second eldest nephew was an experience that will live in my heart forever. Receiving flowers from my middle school art teacher, recreating a photo with two friends from when we were about 16 (if you care to do the math that was 27 years ago)…words fail me. The sculptures in this show are about personal history and so many of my memories have new meaning.





“Muscle Memory”



“Great Expectations”




“Pressed and Tested”



Nita Adams was the first teacher to encourage me to pursue art <3. Her teaching style has influenced mine, for sure.


Check the super special wonder woman (Zuni) bracelet. Retha Walden Gambaro used to wear it on special occasions.


with Mom and Sis

The next morning it was time to get back to work. The kiln was already heating for a day when I arrived to my first shift. We were just above 1000 degrees. By my third day we hit 2299 and shut down the front of the kiln. A few hours later, we were adding salt to the back chamber. I cannot stress enough how hot this felt and how thankful we all were for slightly cooler temperatures and bursts of rain. There are less pictures of this than the gallery for many reasons: 1-Fire HOT! Pay attention!  2-No time, feed the kiln!  3-Cameras can melt  4-So tired. Luckily my favorite guy, John Larsen, was around to take many of these pics and a video that you can see on my Vicki Lynn Wilson Facebook page.


My brother and sister’s creations from their visit last month (pink) are propped on my platters. They are being fired this way and their pieces will influence the firing patterns I get. Can’t wait to see them all when the kiln is cool tomorrow (Friday, a whole week since the kiln was lit).



when flames and smoke calm down, add more wood. Pine for fast hot flames, oak to build a coal bed.



early morning shift





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