Pieces falling into place… pieces falling.

I surpassed the 800th mouth last week. Don't know what I'm talking about? Go back to this post for some vague answers. That project aside, I've been working on a group of sculptures which I am calling "History Lessons". More pictures to come of them but, I don't want to give them away at this … Continue reading Pieces falling into place… pieces falling.



The weeks are already starting to fly by. Sometimes I let myself sleep in and arrive at the studio around 9am. Often, though, I will look up to find it is 11pm and I have to leave the studio in a disastrous state until the next day. Parts of my processes are very organized and … Continue reading Duality


Everyone needs a break and, honestly, it can be quite lonely here. The other residents are fairly local and have social lives in Virginia. We did go out for dinner last week as a group which was great...a little place called the Fishin' Pig. This weekend I decided to head to Fredericksburg to visit family … Continue reading Respite